Friday, May 7, 2010

Melbourne Bars - Best Friday Night Bars

It’s been a tough week hasn’t it – working for the man, grinding away… but the end is nigh, Friday night is approaching, drinks are on the horizon. Go on you deserve it, life’s too short to go straight home and hibernate, grab some friends and get out and about. If you have no friends, why not go out and meet some – either way you need it. Friday night drinks is a long established tradition, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians where pyramid builders used to arrange a weekly get together to celebrate the God of good times – “Fridacisis”. In the ritual, workers would get together, drink copious amounts of alcohol, talk themselves up, brag about their conquests, make lewd comments to female drink servers, usually get thrown out of the party and then stumble home via the camel-aki van. As you can see, not much has changed over the centuries. Always busy, it is at times very hard to find the right Friday night establishment, the following list is definitely worth checking out.

1. Riverland – 1 Princess Walk, Melbourne
2. Collins Quarter – 86a Collins Street, Melbourne
3. The Apartment – 401 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne
4. Saint & Rogue – 582 Little Collins Street, Melbourne
5. Trunk – 275 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
6. Long Room – 162 Swanston Street. Melbourne
7. Spice Market – Beaney Lane, Melbourne
8. Cookie – 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne
9. Loop Bar – 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
10. Mitre Tavern – 5 Bank Place, Melbourne

So there is a good start for you. Any of these venues will get your weekend off to a flying start. You are pretty much guaranteed a crowd when imbibing at any of these establishments – so get organising now. Please feel free to make suggestions by emailing or simply leave comments below. As always you can find out more information by following the links off the bar name to Happy Drinking!!!

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